Teppiche Lalee is an ever expanding service orientated enterprise of floor furnishings.

The family business was founded by A.K. Lalee in 1986, and today, is being directed by his three sons, General Managers Shikib Lalee, Jawid Lalee and Walid Lalee.

Our successful history is what forms the Lalee company to what it repre- sents today. A constantly growing enterprise with marketsin Scandinavia, UK, Benelux, France, Switzerland, Aus- tria, Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe. We are also currently focussing on building new markets in Africa, North America, Turkey and the Middle East.

It is these facts and our ability to hold a total stock capacity of 1.000.000 sqm at given times, which enables Lalee to be Europe┬┤s largest enterprise of its field.

Our collection does not only adapt to current trends and classics that can found on the market, but also to the specific needs of our customers.

Our strong affinity to customers enables us to adapt our collection to the re- quests of our clients business needs.

At Lalee, our products consist of both machine and hand-made rugs an carpets. It is only after undergoing and accurate selections criteria , in terms of colour, design and material that we will authorize the production of our goods in the countries of Belgium, China, India and Turkey.

Innovation, such as the art of merging diverse materials and styles, permits Lalee to be a market leader with high standards.


With an assortment of 41 diverses grades in quality, the 2010 collection offers a wide range of floor furnishings that will suit all budgets.


At Lalee, we have established that only high levels of services and quality, interconnected with a brillant cost/ performance ratio, will satisfy our customers in the long run. To continue to harmonize these attributes is the main focus of our young and dynamic team.